I work in the Discovery Chemistry group at H3 Biomedicine, where we are developing libraries of small molecules. Our team works on designing novel chemical matter and optimizing to subsequent reactions. The compounds generated can then be screened against a variety of biological targets. We utilize cheminformatics tools to ensure the final products are novel and have drug-like properties.

I was eager to join this company because H3’s vision of personalized medicine resonates strongly with me. H3 understands the equilibrium required in oncology discovery between the patient and the science. And I’ve found that many aspects of my life come down to the fundamentals of balance.

Making sure I have a work/life balance is an active, evolving process. Experiments don’t always run on a convenient or predictable schedule; nor do family needs, for that matter. I enjoy my work; the science is challenging and engaging, and no matter how frustrating it can be, when I get home after my workday I can say, ‘I tried curing cancer today.’

Working as many hours as it takes for the goal of improving the quality and length of people’s lives goes hand-in-hand with needing time outside of work to spend with my family, particularly those who have extended their lives due in part to today’s medicines. Whether we’re in Maine where my husband and I grew up, drinking coffee on the back deck, or gathering around my parents' giant dining room table for Saturday night dinners, I work to make this time a priority, as well.

I believe that our work at H3 will change the way we treat cancer patients, looking at the patient first, not just the disease. I believe cancer will NOT be cured by one drug. Each cancer is so fundamentally different and complex that we need to address each patient’s cancer as a separate disease, not a variation of the same condition. This concept is becoming more and more evident as our understanding of cancer genomics increases.

Working at H3 has also given me a new appreciation for the required equilibrium between inspiration and action. Ideas are powerful and sometimes amazing, but if you do not have a strong and dedicated group to execute them, then they are just words.

Our team is focused on the science – on answering key scientific questions, validating the underlying fundamentals. We are driven by the HOW and the WHY. H3 is made up of a strong group of scientists who understand that our work is about much more than individual milestones. Our focus has to be the team goals, because we can’t figure out these complex problems in isolation.

I believe that, with this team at H3, our vision of cancer treatment has the best chance of succeeding because we have the right mentality to put actual accomplishments behind our concept of personalized treatment.