All in all, I’m a pretty normal guy—I wake up, I come to work and do my best to make sure the people around me have what they need. My hobbies, on the other hand, like rock climbing and motorcycle riding, tend to take me out of my comfort zone – they are heart pumping!

Here at H3 Biomedicine, my role is concerned with the day-to-day, non-scientific operations such as purchasing, accounts payable reconciliation, maintenance, laboratory services, and shipping & receiving.

My favorite part of H3? Our collaborative and open culture. It’s an environment where people help one another and share. There is always a positive and energetic buzz in the air that makes coming to work a thrill.

In some ways, H3 almost feels like school all over again. I come to work and have the opportunity to spend time learning with people I like to be around. But its not all fun and games. We are both intensely professional and highly supportive of each other. I attribute this to the combination of people that we hire and the culture that our leadership team fosters.

It’s extremely rewarding for me to work at a company like H3 Biomedicine where we are actively trying to develop better drugs for people who have cancer. My mother died from cancer when I was young, and I realize that far too many people know what it’s like to lose someone to cancer – too soon. Hopefully the research being conducted here at H3 can help ensure that, in the near future, someone’s mother can live to see them become an adult.