Scientific Approach

Data Science

H3 Biomedicine discovers oncology targets focusing on genetic, lineage and immune-modulating drivers in cancer. We develop precision medicines for these targets based on robust evidence in human biology and cancer genomics by leveraging our distinct insights from real-world patient data and a broad access to therapeutic approaches. Our discovery, translational and clinical development capabilities enable a “bench-to-bedside-to-bench” integration for cancer drug discovery and development.

Data Science

Scientific strategy and decisions are informed by data science as the foundation of our data-driven scientific culture. Data science powers the selection of targets with the strongest cancer genomic and human biologic evidence, and supports clinical development decisions with insights into relevant biomarkers and selection of patients most likely to benefit from therapies. We invest in cutting edge computational and data science platforms to democratize data access to the entire H3 organization. We are leading the way in integrating cancer genomics, functional genomics, computational chemistry and real-world evidence throughout the cancer drug discovery and development process.

Our chemistry team builds on our strengths and expertise in small molecule discovery to explore compelling biological targets. This long-term strategy to utilize new chemical modalities consists of structural-based drug design and properties optimization to deliver differentiated and specific candidate drugs. The team is broadly experienced across diverse chemical modalities and has the expertise to select the modality that best addresses the biological challenges of each individual target.


Our clinical development team is committed to researching potential precision therapeutics while focusing on patient selection, quality and speed. Clinical research, translational science, and biomarker and diagnostics all contribute to the development and implementation of patient selection and target engagement biomarkers in all our clinical programs. Real-world data and evidence play an increasingly important role in data driven decision making of clinical programs.

In addition, our clinical development team plays an important role in our unique bench-to-bedside-to-bench discovery research-clinical collaboration.


Broad understanding of human cancer biology is a core principle for us to create novel therapeutics that we apply throughout target discovery, drug discovery and translational science. Without limiting ourselves to any one specific target class or scientific platform, we allow the data to guide us toward the most exploitable and clinically meaningful targets. In close collaboration with our data scientists, medicinal and computational chemists and clinical development team, this knowledge-centric, method-agnostic strategy has empowered us to uncover breakthrough targets.

Proof of Concept

At H3, our streamlined process of target identification, drug discovery, preclinical and clinical testing is systematically verified by a set of rigorous proof of concept (POC) milestones that are built into our process of drug development. By holding our drug candidates to such high standards from an early stage in development, we ensure that only the most promising candidates reach human testing in the clinic and that resources are allocated to only the programs with a potential of producing outcomes for patients.




Proof of Concept Circle

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