Postdoctoral Fellow, Oncology Research

Location: Cambridge MA

Cambridge, MA-based H3 Biomedicine (https://www.h3Biomedicine.com/) is a leading company in cancer genomics driven drug discovery, delivering on the promise of precision medicine. The company was launched in 2011 with an unprecedented $200 million in initial funding from Eisai, plus a continued ongoing commitment to fund H3’s robust discovery pipeline and clinical programs. Now with four clinical stage anti-cancer molecules in active development, H3 is able to uniquely leverage distinct insights from cancer genomics and real-life patient data to advance its projects to clinical proof of concept and beyond. H3 embraces a novel business model in which it collaborates with Eisai, a leading global pharmaceutical company, to create a prolific drug discovery engine and partnership platform.

The H3 Biomedicine Postdoctoral Program provides an environment for scientists to undertake innovative academic-focused research projects in a biotech industry setting. We offer a framework for scientists to design and execute their research plans and provide appropriate training with a goal to present research at major scientific conferences and publication of results in leading peer-reviewed journals. We are committed to training and inspiring the next generation of scientific researchers and leaders.

The Oncology Discovery - Lineage Biology & Oncometabolism group is seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual to join the H3 Biomedicine Postdoctoral Program based at our facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The successful candidate will bring his/her strong research experience in molecular/cellular biology and cancer biology as well as scientific creativity and curiosity to develop a deep biological understanding of therapeutically-relevant targets. Projects will focus on molecular understanding of new targets and protein complexes that are important in cancer cell biology and dissecting their mechanisms of regulation. The individual will work independently in a team-oriented environment and collaborate with experts in oncology and drug discovery to study cellular signaling pathways.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
  • Design and execution of research plans to elucidate the molecular mechanisms associated with therapeutically-relevant oncogenic targets
  • Generation and characterization of relevant in vitro cell line models using various techniques (transfection, lentiviral infection, CRISPR/Cas gene KO/KI)
  • Development, implementation and validation of relevant biochemical or cellular assays for assessing the biological roles of targets of interest
  • Collaboration and communication across various functional groups at H3, including pharmacology, lead discovery, data sciences, and clinical
  • Remain current on literature, including recent developments in relevant biology, drug discovery and cutting-edge technologies
  • Communication of work through internal project team meetings, external conferences and publication(s) in peer-reviewed research journals
  • The applicant must have completed, or is anticipated to complete within the next 3 months, a Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, or a related field.
  • The successful candidate will have experience in biochemistry and mechanistic cellular experimentation (molecular cloning, tissue culture, IP western and mass spec, signaling experiments, CRISPR, generation of stable cell lines and single clone derivation, various growth assays and reporter assays, flow cytometry, IF or high content assays) using mammalian tumor cells.
  • Working experience in the area of oncogenic transcription factors and omics studies (proteomics, RIME, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, and functional genomics) is desired.
  • Qualified candidates must have track record of completing challenging problems independently and creatively, exemplified by publication of research in high-quality scientific journals.
  • Enthusiasm in tackling complex biological problems, willingness to dedicate exceptional amount of effort and time to bench research, and solid technical skills are essential qualities.
  • The candidates will also have excellent communication and writing skills as well as a track record of working in highly collaborative environments.
About H3 Biomedicine Inc.

H3 Biomedicine Inc. is a privately-held, uniquely-structured oncology discovery enterprise whose sole mission is to become a prolific source of new drugs that treat more human cancers with greater success. H3 Biomedicine is applying the expertise of leading scientists to the integration of insights from cancer genomics with innovative capabilities in synthetic chemistry and tumor biology to pursue the most promising current opportunity in cancer therapeutics: patient-based, genomics-driven, small molecule drugs.

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