Investigator – Tumor Immunology & Neoantigens

Location: Cambridge, MA

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Scientist-Lab Head will be responsible for implementing and directing a small team’s research efforts in cancer drug discovery. The ideal candidate has experience in creating and directing innovative approaches for in vivo pharmacological target validation. Experience in small molecule and ADC drug discovery as well as experience with syngeneic models / tumor immunology is desired.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Candidate will work with other members of the biology, bioinformatics, biomarkers, chemistry and toxicology groups on projects in our oncology pipeline. This includes understanding underlying molecular/pathway mechanisms, and elucidating MoAs of our clinical compounds with a focus on validation of new targets and indications by multiple in vivo methods. The candidate should be able to use his/her strong skills in molecular techniques and familiarity with the latest molecular technologies to build a strong platform in these areas. The ability to work collaboratively with other members of the biology team as well as members of the bioinformatics, biomarkers, chemistry, molecular pathology and toxicology groups will be a key ingredient for the success of this position.


  • Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, Immunology or related discipline.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in Cancer Biology, preferably with a proven track record in in vivo target validation and/or drug discovery.
  • Experience working in a drug discovery environment is preferred.
  • Understanding of immunological mechanisms and experience with immune cell-based functional assays preferred.
  • Ability to work in a team-based environment.
  • Superior oral and written communication skills.

About H3 Biomedicine Inc.

H3 Biomedicine Inc. is a privately-held, uniquely-structured oncology discovery enterprise whose sole mission is to become a prolific source of new drugs that treat more human cancers with greater success. H3 Biomedicine is applying the expertise of leading scientists to the integration of insights from cancer genomics with innovative capabilities in synthetic chemistry and tumor biology to pursue the most promising current opportunity in cancer therapeutics: patient-based, genomics-driven, small molecule drugs.

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