Lihua Yu

Lihua joined H3 in 2011 and serves as President and Chief Data Science Officer, leading H3’s data science-focused precision medicine efforts and the company’s overall strategic business direction. An accomplished leader in the biopharmaceutical industry, Lihua has spent more than 20 years in computational biology and bioinformatics and has deep experience in cancer genomics and predictive biomarkers. This expertise allows her to integrate the bioinformatics discipline into H3’s drug discovery and patient selection focused translational science platforms. Prior to H3, Lihua spent 12 years with AstraZeneca’s research and development unit, helping to build and deliver the multinational pharmaceutical company’s oncology bioinformatics capabilities.

Lihua earned a Ph.D. from Boston University and a M.E. from Tsinghua University in Beijing, both in biomedical engineering. She received her B.E. in biomedical engineering and automation from Tsinghua University.

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