Working together from lab to bedside, dedicating ourselves to finding ways to make a difference in an individual’s life.


Aspiring to improve health in our patients through new precision therapeutics for cancer uncovered by data-driven drug discovery and development.


Providing the hope of potential treatment options to patients and families at all turns.

H3 Biomedicine Hope

About Us

H3 Biomedicine, the U.S.-based precision oncology research and development subsidiary of Eisai Co., Ltd., is focused on advancing drugs from bench to bedside. Uniquely positioned to integrate real-world clinical evidence with the latest advances in cancer genomics, H3 Biomedicine is developing a pipeline of highly targeted medicines that have the potential to impact the future of cancer care and treatment.

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Scientific Approach

Unlocking cancer genomics, real-world patient data, and biomarkers in clinical research to deliver on the promise of precision oncology medicine.


Our core mission at H3 is to accelerate the discovery and clinical development of precision oncology therapeutics for cancer patients and their families.

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